Otava 2020

Camp Otava is a district camp organised by the Scout District of Southwest Finland, in Maisaari  Rymättylä 22.-29.7.2020. The camp site, Maisaari, is an island in the beautiful archipelago of Southwest Finland. Take a look at the camp site on the video below. 

Otava is the Finnish name for the constellation Big Dipper. For centuries the seven stars of the Big Dipper have guided seafarers on their travels, will they now bring you to Finland?  

The Scout District of Southwest Finland invites scout groups all around the world to join in this adventure. Otava will be eight days of fun, scouting, new skills, new friends, life on land and life on water. The international groups will be paired up with Finnish groups to form camp units. If you’ll be coming with group larger than 20 persons, be prepared you might be split in separate camp units. 

We welcome scouts of age 12 and older. The camp fee will max. 250€, the exact amount will be confirmed later by the start of registration. The participation fee includes programme, food, and transportation from mainland to the campsite. Camping equipment is not included. The registration to the camp will start in November. 

Good to know

The Maisaari island offers an amazing campsite, but it also has limitations. So please note:  

  • The island can only hold certain number of people, so it is possible the camp will become fully booked. Be sure to register in time. 
  • Transportation of everybody from mainland to the island is a massive logistic operation, please make sure you will be ready for transport in the morning of 22nd July. It is better to arrive the day before. We will offer accommodation for the night before the start of the camp. 

How to get there? 

  • Make your way to Turku, and we’ll take you to the camp Otava.
  • visitturku.fi offers information on arriving and getting around.