These characters will be part of Otava in the programme, the story and the subcamps. Get to know them and find your favourite!


Tuovi, rover 

Isn’t the world wonderful, and nature full of miracles? That’s how Tuovi feels. You can easily spend hours in beautiful green forests with Tuovi. 

The curious Tuovi can be found at Otava on the Tähtitaival-hike. 


Lilja, storyteller

Lilja-granny has a warm lap, and a thousand and one stories to tell. She warmly reminisces about her adventures: she has probably been to every country in the world! 

The mellow Lilja is the guardian of the family camp.


Ahti, fisher 

No wave will waver Ahti. He is a confident and patient seafarer: no need to rush, it is good to be considerate at sea. 

The brave Ahti can be found at Otava in the Airisto-valley. 



Ilmari, artisan 

The talented Ilmari beavers away in his workshop. He can make devices that can solve any problem. 

The problem-solving Ilmari can be found at Otava in the Kirjokansi-valley. 


Stella, astronomer 

Stella's gaze is always in the stars and her mind is full of ideas! Finding out the mysteries of the universe of never too complicated with Stella. 

The inventive Stella can be found at Otava in the Kosmos-valley. 


Otso, bear 

If you are unsure about anything, you should ask Otso to help. He definitely knows what to do, and he always chooses the right words. 

The wise Otso is the guardian of camp Otava. 


Hilinä, fox 

Hilinä can’t wait to meet all of you campers! The more the merrier and everything has a bright side. Hilinä knows that.  

The happy Hilinä can be found at Otava in the Meteoriitti-valley. 


Knuutti, seal 

Knuutti is brisk and always ready to help! Knuutti always pounces to action and makes sure that everything is done fairly and squarely.  

The just Knuutti can be found at Otava in the Airisto-valley.