Trackers will participate in all programme valleys and in the programme specifically for their own age group. In the Kosmos-valley there will be an adventure to outer space, in the Kirkokansi-valley explorers will become familiar with the exciting world of science and technology, in the Airisto-valley they will be introduced to the Archipelago sea, travelling at sea and having fun in the water, and in the Meteoriitti-valley they will diversely get to know the media and make their own advertisement!
Subcamp-day Horisontti will bring the programme to camp units. They will become familiar with Otava’s characters and spend time with the camp unit in their own subcamp. There will also be more free time that can be spent swimming or at a cafe, for example.
Tähtitaival-hike will take the trackers to the mainland on an interesting hike with their own patrol. They will leave for the hike on the prior evening and sleep on the mainland.
The whole camp’s common programme - the opening ceremony, the mid-camp ceremony and the closing ceremony will bring everyone together to enjoy large evening programmes. 



Explorers will spend their days in three programme valleys, on a hike, at optional evening programmes and two IST-job days.
The Airisto-valley has sea-themed programme at sea and on land. Travelling at sea on all kinds of vessels, from SUP-boards to large sailing boats. In the Kirjokansi-valley you will become familiar with the wonderful world of science & technology, and you will get to make your own generator. In the Kosmos-valley you will go on an adventure to outer space and jump on the Millenium Falcony in an outdoors game.
On the Tähtitaival-hike explorers get to affect what kind of hike they will go on. They will kayak to the opposite island Karhuluoto with their own patrol and stay there overnight.
Free time can be spent in the explorer’s own spot, Samoajalautta. There will be a movie theatre, an explorer party and other voluntary programme.
Explorers will have IST-jobs for two days during the camp. They will be able to affect what kind of position they will be in. More information in IST-jobs and how to apply will be available in the Spring. 


Rovers and adults 

There will be programme for rovers throughout the camp and at different times. Rovers will have an IST-job for the camp, but they can spend their free time at the rover programme spot Tuulivei or the leader cafe.
 The adult programme spot Kari is for all participants over 18 and there will be programme with different themes at different times around the clock.  


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